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Ana Muhtarif Al Khat Create Arabic calligraphic paintings that fits that of pinnacle calligraphers with ease. Ana Muhtarif Al Khat has some of specific functions that will let you create stunning and complex calligraphic designs that you could proportion or export.


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NEW! Choose both Arabic, English or Indonesian UI [user interface] and menus.  Choose from a set of 21 fonts along with Diwan’s maximum superior Arabic fonts, like Diwan Naskh Mishafi, Diwan Thuluth, Diwan Farsi, Waseem (Ruqa’a like font), Kufi, and more. -Select from some of shaping alternatives for every phrase section along with opportunity shapes, wide

In version 2.0 many of the paid features are now included but they come with advertising. If you prefer to remove the advertisements altogether, please purchase the paid version called CalliPro محترف الخط.
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