Frame Player IPA

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Frame Player IPA is an advanced video player that let you see a recorded video at several playback speeds maintaining audio synchronization, play frame-by-frame, zoom-in any part of the video, and save frames as images to the device storage. Just select a video from gallery or record a new one from the App, and press the “Start” button to open the player. You can enable a brief tutorial about the player controls, and disable it when you want.

Frame Player IPA


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Frame Player automatically calculates video framerate (frames displayed per second) for the frame-by-frame playback. If you consider this calc is wrong and you know the right value, you can set it manually.

Frame Player IPA IOS

Known issues: running over low-end devices with Android Lollipop, slow and fast motion may not play smoothly.

Bug fixed: Android +7 not storing exported frames

* Note: If you use Google Photos App, you will see them on "Albums" tab

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