Magica Mileage Tracker IPA MOD (Unlocked)

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Magica Mileage Tracker IPA MOD (Unlocked) Track your journeys routinely with our mileage tracker app or convert your journeys recorded via way of means of Google right into a 100% IRS-Proof mileage log – MileageWise is ideal for each solutions. MileageWise is the most effective automobile mileage logging software program at the US marketplace able to developing IRS-Proof mileage logs for each ongoing and retrospective purposes. Log your miles & journey charges and maximize your tax deduction with us.


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Magica Mileage Tracker IPA Iphone

Mileage tracker to your automobile navigation. Magica Mileage Tracker IPA Magica allows drivers shop time spent logging and processing their mileage logs and create IRS & tax reviews. Magica is the virtual assistant to your automobile. The on-board laptop you’ve got usually wanted. Automatic, safe, cautious approximately your fitness and that of our world. Manage your automobile, song all of your travels, refueling or EV charges, costs, emissions, your pressure level, time limits and maintenance.

Magica Mileage Tracker IPA TRACK your journeys automatically: Magica accompanies you on each journey, assessments and shows all of the statistics you need along with distances, gasoline consumption, costs, tolls, altitude variation, pressure level, riding quality. • REFUELS AND EV CHARGES: Record the refills or ev charges, you could throw away the receipts, Magica continues song of the entirety and creates precise reviews for you that you could additionally gift to the enterprise for reimbursement.

(Unlocked) iOS 15.0 or later

- Minor bug fixes and configurations

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