SnowBoard tweak iOS 15 (iOS 16) iphone

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SnowBoard tweak iOS 15 (iOS 16) iphone

SnowBoard is successor lightweight spiritual to the WinterBoard legendary theming engine. Supproted iOS 7 to iOS 16 formats supports from all other theming engines popular. SnowBoard is spirit faithful of jailbreak, as tool essential , it is a free tool

SnowBoard tweak iOS 15 (iOS 16) iphone
SnowBoard tweak iOS 15 (iOS 16) iPhone

SnowBoard iOS

SnowBoard is kept always on Dynastic to make easier to access for users, the latest version of SnowBoard Extensions (iphone,ipad) are available on sparkdev repo

Downloading SnowBoard from Sparkdev Repo

Add SnowBoard in Cydia or install or sileo or zibra on your iOS device.
Open sileo or cydia or install or zibra on your device.
Tap the Sources tab
Tap the Edit button, and then Add.
Past, Add Source.
Or, Add Source.
Tap on this repository, search SnowBoard.
Select SnowBoard and install.


Add Sparkdev Repo To Cydia


Add Sparkdev Repo To Sileo


Add Sparkdev Repo To Zebra


Add Sparkdev Repo To Installer



SnowBoard For Jailbreaking device

features access such Lik respring logos, masks, UI theming, icon effects, and more coming add the repo and Get SnowBoard Extensions the relevant. this will keep core of lightweight SnowBoard, and features prevent those active being for users who are not interested in them.

SnowBoard IOS 15

SnowBoard iOS 15 is released, it supports the Jailbreak Palera1n for iOS 15 to iOS 15.7.1 If you are interested in theming your iOS device Home Screen on iOS 15 there are other solutions work for non jailbreak device check TrollStore.

SnowBoard cydia

SnowBoard tweak not offering any themes when installed via cidya. To get thousands access of themes compatible with SnowBoard that applied on iPhones jailbroken you can download them from Cydia.

How to change themes on SnowBoard

to themes apply in SnowBoard tweak on iOS. After download a theme from a manager package like Cydia it will be added automatically to the themes list in SnowBoard. just enable new theme and the tweak will apply changes without respring SnowBoard will update automatically all icons on Home Screen

Latest SnowBoard Version 1.5.1

iOS 15 – 15.7.1 support – for any issues ( on iOS 15 or below) please downgrade SnowBoard to 1.4.20 and report the issue. also Update Localisation

SnowBoard tweak for all iOS device for jailbroken or non Jailbreak

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