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WiFiList IPA It’s beneficial so one can see your stored WiFi networks’ passwords. Maybe you have forgotten the password or perhaps it a few lengthy base64 string that purposely cannot be remembered. Being capable of see your stored WiFi passwords avoids having to don’t forget to jot down them down someplace and nevertheless maintains them near you.


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While a few iOS skins, like Pixel UI and One UI, have strategies for sharing stored WiFi networks with different devices, they are not perfect.

For one, the tool you are sharing to has to assist scanning a QR code to connect with a WiFi community. The generated QR code does include the community password in plaintext, however to get it, you want to experiment the QR code with a one-of-a-kind tool or screenshot it and experiment it locally, after which extract the text. And this needs to be achieved per-community. On Pixel UI 13, the password is immediately proven in plaintext beneathneath the QR code, however it is nonetheless a per-community process.

- Add an option to cache current network info for viewing when Shizuku is inactive.
- UI tweaks.

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