Ninja Battle Defense IPA (Unlocked)

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Ninja Battle Defense IPA  Jump into the World of Ninjas! Master Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu
Assemble the greatest team of ninjas and come up with the perfect strategy!
Collect equipment and unlock set bonuses

Ninja Battle Defense IPA (Unlocked)


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Fire – Flame Burst, Thunder Flames, Fire Whirl, Phoenix Attack
Water – Whimsical Tides, Whirlpool, Prison of Frost, Toxic Swamp
Earth – Rock Fist, Groundbreaker, Ground Slam, Avalokiteshvara

Ninja Battle Defense IPA IOS

Frenzy, Clone Technique, Eighth Chakra, Awakening

Eye of Darkness, Spirit of the Great General, Eye of Despair, Time Rewind

– Request Board
Defeat strong bosses, and collect powerful items!

Ninja Battle Defense IPA MOD

– Ninja Duel
With your powerful team of ninjas, climb to the top of the rankings!
Who is the strongest of all?

– Ninja Village
Form a village with other players and complete missions!
You must cooperate for your village to prosper!

Ninja Battle Defense MOD

– Village War
Which village will be the strongest?
Win against other villages and get rewards!

– Infinite Tower
Rise to the top of the Infinite Tower!
How far can your ninjas go? Find out now!
Level up your ninjas, and reach the top of the Tower!

Opening of [Cherry Blossom Festival] full of spring aroma
New limited Awakening [Freshman Ohirume] added
Bugs fixed and optimized

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